Dr. Bartling approaches dentistry with a strong belief in maintaining the respect of a traditional family dentist, while using the most advanced dental equipment, materials, and techniques. He attends live continuing education seminars many times each year to stay current in both dentistry and medicine/medications. He strives to provide his patients with the highest "attention to detail" in dental care with a personal focus and attention rarely seen in health care today.

1. Why doesn't our office have a "name"?

Dr. Bartling had his own solo practice for 15 years in downtown Orlando before working in a few group practices with "names". Normally, these are places that have a high turnover of dentists, and they often hire dentists recently new to practice, new to the area, or who commute a few times a week or month from another city. Dr. Bartling lives 10 minutes from the office and plans on being here until he retires, thus the name: William C. Bartling, DDS-General Dentistry.

2. Why do we not offer "financing" for dental work?

Every person has a unique mouth. In many situations, needs can change throughout the course of treatment. Many offices offer financing and require payment on work that will not be completed for months or even years, though the patient is required to make payments immediately. The patient or dentist may decide to change the treatment plan, or a previously thought salvagable tooth may require extraction. We work with each patient to prioritize work by eliminating disease and pain first, then we evaluate home care before proceeding with extensive expensive restorative dentistry. When we do a little at a time, and are honest about the expectations, our patients set their goals on what they can afford, and we proceed with treatment from there. We do accept MasterCard, Visa, and Discover. Many patients use no-interest convenience checks on these cards to pay for treatment.

3. Why are we "out-of-network" providers for dental insurance?

Dr. Bartling believes that treatment decisions should be made solely between the patient and the dentist. The administrative costs and lower reimbursements of "accepting" insurance and being "in-network" require an extensive staff and high volume of patients seen per day. Dr. Bartling does not "double book" patients and strives to see his patients on schedule. By respecting his patients' time and them respecting his, he is able to run a very efficient office and keep his fees reasonable.